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We are excited to announce an exceptional opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and innovative project that celebrates the art of music, movement and expression. We are seeking talented and passionate dancers and performers to join our team for an upcoming project that promises to push the boundaries of creativity and showcase your  unique talents on a grand platforms, and working with the best in entertainment industry. 

Los Angeles, CA

About the Project:

Our project is an innovative series of music videos that serve as short films that showcase a journey of self-awareness. Each video is a unique and thought-provoking visual experience, combining captivating dance routines with deeply resonant narratives. Our aim is to create an artistic platform that not only showcases your remarkable talents but also serves as a vehicle for conveying meaningful messages about life, identity, and self-discovery. Through captivating choreography, innovative storytelling, and breathtaking visuals, we intend to inspire and amaze our audiences while providing our performers with a platform to showcase their skills and artistry.

Location and Facilities:

The project will take place at state-of-the-art studio in Burbank. Our professional green screen facilities provide a versatile and dynamic backdrop for the music videos' various scenes.

Our commitment to your comfort and convenience is paramount, and as such, we will provide:

  • Spacious and fully equipped green screen studio for rehearsals and performances.

  • Amenities for changing and preparing for your roles.

  • Make-up artists on site

  • Costumes and apparel, if needed

  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided to ensure you have the energy you need throughout the day

Roles and Responsibilities:

-Lead Dancer/Performer:

We are searching for skilled lead dancers/performers who can take on the challenge of embodying the project's central characters. This role requires a strong stage presence, exceptional dance skills, and the ability to convey emotions through movement.

  • Compensation will be set at $450 per performance.

-Ensemble Dancers/Performers:

Our ensemble will consist of versatile dancers/performers who can bring a variety of dance styles to life. These performers will contribute to the overall visual impact of the project, adding depth and texture to the performances.

  • Compensation will be set at $350 per performance.

-Specialty Performers:

We're also looking for performers with unique specialties such as acrobatics, aerial dance, or other related disciplines. Your distinctive skills will add an extra layer of excitement and awe to the production.

  • Compensation will be set at $500 per performance.



  • A strong background in dance and performance, with a demonstrated ability to adapt to different styles and genres.

  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills, as you will be working closely with other performers, choreographers, and creative professionals.

  • Dedication, commitment, and a willingness to rehearse and refine routines to achieve the highest level of excellence.

  • Strong communication skills and a positive attitude, contributing to a harmonious and productive work environment.

  • Willing to be available and attend in at least 1 rehearsal session.

Application Process:

If you're directed to this page by a casting director you can skip step 1 and 2. 

To apply for a role in this project, please send the following to []:

  1. A resume highlighting your dance and performance experience.

  2. A video showcasing your dance skills. This can be a performance reel or a sample of your work in different styles.

  3. A headshot and full-body photo (for identification purposes).

  4. A brief cover letter expressing your interest in the project and the role you are applying for.

We are eager to witness your talents and creativity as we embark on this exciting journey together. Join us in creating an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on audiences far and wide.

Best regards, 



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