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​You can trust on us for recording just about anything. ​​​We create an environment that is believable.  we’ll create the right atmosphere for your project from decoration, equipment, and footsteps to entertainment and hospitality. 

We have a keen ear for details. After all of the individual tracks of a song have been recorded and designed by professionals a mixing engineer steps in to work his magic.  He begins by labeling and organizing the tracks into their similar groups.  

The final step, we balance all the elements of a piece to really bring it to life and finishing touches will be added. The mastering engineer’s primary goal is to provide high fidelity, high clarity, professional sound that can be enjoyed by listeners on any source.

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Welcome to the next generation of sound quality.
Silent can be regarded as the via negativa of music and has induced long-lasting fascination to music composers of all kinds. A composer deals with the absence of sound as much as they deal with sounds. 
"The Silent Note" Recording studio provides the best & purest sound quality with the help of innovative materials & creative designs. It’s all about the performance. We do our setup so that the artist is immersed in the piece and isn’t distracted by anything. 

Experience complete comfort and privacy with high-level services while creating your masterpiece. ​You can trust us to record just about anything – vocals, guitars, drums, string, podcasts… 

​​​We create an environment that is believable. We have a keen ear for detail and we’ll make the right atmosphere for your project from decoration, equipment, and footsteps to entertainment and hospitality. 

Our studio rate starts from $75 per hour (only for the recording studio).
Including sound engineer, mixing lounge area, vocal booth, Fridge, water machine, and restroom.

An extra luxury suite area with a full kitchen and a goose feather mattress bed is available on the top floor of the studio. An amazing space to have quality time, rest, eat, host a party and take amazing photos. (Our studio is a modern, creative, and designer loft)
You can add the top floor to your booking for an extra $50 per hour.
(A total of $125 per hour for both floors)

Each session is limited to a maximum of 5 people or fewer.
If you want to host a party or set up a listening session please call us to get a quote.

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Creating and Producing music for Artists

Music for media: Video Games, Radio, TV, and Commercial

Film and Movie Scoring

Call us at 1-310-498-8439

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The Silent Note recording studio

951 S Main St, Suite 160

Los Angeles, California

Tel: 1-310-498-8439

Our studio is open 24/7

By Appointment only


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