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Our main goal is to support our artists for their major success journey. As a result, we will promote and support the potential artists who joined us as members. We will train them and work with them step by step. We have connected with thousands of successful and professional artists and we can introduce our members to each other and our network. 

We have a trusted network of professional individuals and entrepreneurs that we can create art and new projects together. If we climb that mountain together, we might just make it to the top. A star is born if that person is supported by many successful people. For your next event, concert, album release party, music video or any type of production we can introduce you to the specific and right type of artists. We will learn about you and your project and understand your needs. 


Stage designers



Performing Artists


Event Organizers

Life Coaches


“You’re an artist when you say you are. And you’re a good artist when you make somebody else experience or feel something deep or unexpected.” — Amanda Palmer

Art is our way of expressing ourselves to the world. Whether you are in the visual or performing arts, your art should make people feel something. That is the difference between artists who have a staying power and those who don’t. 

Our intention is to expand the creative power of those who have similar beliefs to present their creativity and to generate public support and interest in areas that affect the larger world.  We are dedicated to providing a forum for creative dialogue between artists and the public on both local and international levels. You are also welcome to be a part of it in our future journey.

Our statement of purpose is:


·        To identify, support, and collaborate with both emerging and established artists in every major medium by designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to create income-generating opportunities for the financial stability of "The Silent Note Artists" and to advocate for an expanded level of public support for developing the concept of unity through the arts.

·        To provide opportunities and locations for presenting the creative works of "The Silent Note Artists" to broaden their supportive audience and to help them develop economic support and recognition as artists.

·        To establish a network on an international scale between "The Silent Note Artists" and the public at large for developing expanded support for international cultural exchange.  We believe by encouraging the open flow of creative expression and thought, we can affect how nations perceive one another.

·        To foster, encourage, and institute a working model of unity among artists that reach beyond the exchange of philosophical ideas, and to convey and promote unity in diversity through public forums.

"I believe there is a power that pushes all my dreams to come true.

Religious calls it spirit, Physic calls it energy, some people call it Karma, society calls it vibes... Whatever it is, it exists. And I call it POWER.

I may not be a very rich person but I have a rich heart. I get what I want in my life and in return It's my duty now to help others to get theirs. The more I help other people the more I get closer to my dreams. So I gather all the positive and professional people around me with the same mindset and energy. Together we have more POWER to turn any wish or dream come true.

Same power leads me in my life to study architecture and psychology in order to fully understand people and design based on their needs. The more I make people happy the more I get satisfaction in my life..." 

Niloofar Tehranian
Designer, Event Organizer, Management
and Video Director
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