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We're a family-owned business

Ramin & Niloofar established "The Silent Note" business in 2019. Their mission is to expand their family with the power of trust and respect. They are willing to attract successful and like-minded people with the same values to grow and evolve every day and raise each other vibration. 



Meet Ramin Sokouty


Ramin Sokouty is the founder of The Silent Note.

He is highly educated and experienced with the ability to cast a magical musical spell over the audience. (Most of his clients call him a magician)
Musically talented performer with strong vocals and guitar chops, and strong instrument-playing ability. He is playing traditional and exotic instruments such as Tar and setar as well as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drum.
He is passionate about music with the natural ability to adjust his own style to suit different music. With a profound ability to listen to everyone's suggestions during music productions, as well as being an excellent team member when rehearsing and performing. With flexibility, energy, and the ability to practice and create daily.

He has a deep understanding of how to care for musical instruments.


Professional Music Performance:

He hosted and organized multiple sold-out concerts (more than 250 audiences) as a lead music supervisor, producer, vocalist, and instruments player. 

Performed with renowned music bands in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs.
Composed different songs and short jingles for producers.
Assisted musicians who are new in this field in composing and singing.
Cooperated with other musicians to create new music for them and performed with them at live shows.
Provided background melodies and music for stage shows and concerts.
Worked with other music groups as a guest artist.

Popular Music Production:

He taught music appreciation, history, skills, and fundamentals to vocalists and musicians of varying skill levels. He directed music production, from starting point of signing artists to labels through marketing and sales of music.

He produced projects for artists and record tracks that performed internationally on huge stages with over thousands of audiences in the United States, Iran, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France, and England.

Film scoring, video game music and commercial portfolio:

He is an award-winner, highly educated, and professional in the art and craft of writing music in sync with visuals. He is a storyteller through developing a process of writing, composing, and effectively combining different genres of music is most definitely creative.

He participates in multiple scoring competitions.

(check some of his works.)


Meet Niloofar Tehranian

Niloofar is the architect and business manager of The Silent Note company. She is the supervisor, and project manager of music video projects, events and lives performances.


About Niloofar Tehranian

Niloofar is a reliable professional with a strong ability in communication and problem-solving. A highly organized, proactive, and punctual with a team-oriented mentality. Trustworthy and genuine with a fun and outgoing personality. She is a results-focused professional with strength in brand awareness and the ability to work under pressure. As an architect, she knows both the process and the product of sketching, developing concepts, conceiving, planning, designing, and constructing of the project. She is an excellent researcher with data analytic knowledge. She uses her education and experiences to manage and direct a project from A to Z.

Education & Experiences Timeline


Bachelor of Architecture


Founder of Archifirm


Master of Architecture

2014 -2016

Win an award for a new approach

A faculty member of Islamic Azad University

Jury member of Iran's national architecture competition.

2018 - 2022

Certificate of the music business

Interrogation training courses

Data analytic certificate

She completed her bachelor of architecture, the art, and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction.

She started her own firm of architecture on 2010.

She was producing conceptual plans, renderings, and documents for clients.

She completed several interior Design and architectural jobs successfully with a strong customer satisfaction rate. She worked and collaborate with contractors and construction engineers and other architects and interior designers. Estimated material requirements and costs, and presented the design to the client for approval. Adapted to and remained flexible in changing, fast-paced work environment. Analyzed blueprints and other documentation to prepare time, cost, materials, and labor estimates. Identified knowledge gaps within the team, developing fulfillment plans and managing construction projects of both residential and commercial.

Meanwhile, she was studying for her Master's degree with a new approach to ecstatic architecture. She tapped into the knowledge of how psychedelic and ecstatic drugs can manipulate the human mind to produce hormones and create an effect. She uses the same knowledge to create surreal visions and designs to reproduce the same effects with her architecture and design.  

In 2014 she win an award for the most innovative design concept in architecture and publish her first article about ecstatic architecture in a designer magazine. She then become a faculty member at Islamic Azad university in Iran and the next following year she was a jury member of Iran's national architectural competition. She then became a member of the engineering department of architecture in Iran.

She immigrate to Los Angeles in 2016 and continue as an interior designer and architect under her own firm Archifirm. 

She continued her education in various fields of study to expand her knowledge of psychology, music business, video directing, data analytics, and interrogation training courses.


Studio & Project manager, Director

In 2019 she co-partner with Ramin Sokouty and established The Silent Note company. She used her knowledge of design to create an inspirational environment for an artist to explore their inner creative power. She is also offering artist management, artist development, and managing video production services. 

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