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Recording studio services

We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is the creation of awesome and legendary sound recordings.
All rates include an engineer.


starting from $75 per hour (Engineer incl.)

We set the mood for your music! We believe music is a creation and we are here to make sure everything is set up to keep you in your creative mood. We will offer special services based on your requests.

Studio session starts from $75

Including sound engineer, mixing lounge area, vocal booth, Fridge, water machine, and restroom.

An extra luxury suite area with a full kitchen and a goose feather mattress bed is available on the top floor of the studio. An amazing space to have quality time, rest, eat, host a party and take amazing photos. (Our studio is a modern, creative, and designer loft)
You can add the top floor to your booking for an extra $50 per hour. (A total of $125 per hour for both floors)

Each session is limited to a maximum of 5 people or fewer.
If you want to host a party or set up a listening session please call us to get a quote.

Hospitality is our first rule. Together we are serving the entertainment business, so let's make the most entertaining memory out of it.


starting from $375 

People are going to listen to your magical album in their bathrooms, cars, earphones while jogging, on 25-year-old boom-boxes, over the radio waves, on cruddy computer speakers, etc.  They'll turn it on in the living room and then go to the kitchen.  They aren't even listening in the same room!  You'll have a handful of audio files that are listening in the perfect sweet spot in their acoustically treated listening rooms.  But 99.9% won't have the environment to make the proper judgment, but guess what?

The only factor that makes you a professional artist is to have a quality and professional work of art. The only way to get that point is to trust us with the quality of sound.

We have a keen ear for details. After all of the individual tracks of a song have been recorded and designed by professionals a mixing engineer steps into working his magic.  He begins by labeling and organizing the tracks into similar groups.

In the final step, we balance all the elements of a piece to really bring it to life and the finishing touches will be added. The mastering engineer’s primary goal is to provide high fidelity, high clarity, and professional sound that can be enjoyed by listeners on any source.



Call for a Quote


Call for a Quote

Music Production is our specialty. You will enjoy the fastest and smoothes production process.

How? A team member will contact you and get all the necessary information about you and your type of sound and music. We will hear samples of your works or the list of your interests and favorites. We will set up all the instruments, sounds, plugins, effects, and equipment. Artist time is valuable and we totally respect that.

We can professionally record and edit your next music video. Either it's a simple music video in a recording studio or you're riding a dragon to get your throne back! We have a trusted network of Award-winning professionals that we can call upon depending on each project. For any video production, you need to book the service at least 2 weeks in advance. Some costumes and accessories are available for rentals. However, for very special scenes and costumes, more time for production will be needed.  (Check our Projects.)

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