Either you're an independent artist or you want to be signed by a record label you need to be noticed. You need to have leverage. 

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If you’re looking to sign with a record label, either major or indie, it’s important to first understand what your needs are. What is that you will actually need in a record label? Are you sitting on a pile of beautiful new music and still need a production budget to record? Or have you already recorded your album and simply need the network (for marketing) so your music can get to all the right ears? In either case, record labels are best known for two of their major resources: money & marketing. Both of which can easily help you shoot your career to the next level, but only if you’re willing to pay a price.



Signing With A Major Label

In most cases, when signing with a “Major” record label, the label will offer you a large cash advance that can be used for anything and everything in your music career. Recording, marketing, visuals, merchandise, clothes, you name it. But it’s important to understand, ALL of that money is expected to be paid back in full before you will receive even one dime from the royalties that your album produces. And since these, album sales are fairly low, even for the biggest artists, many people never get out of debt with their labels. This is a part of their business structure. Meaning that if they never recoup what they’ve invested in you, then you will never see any of the money that you’ve made on your own music. Think of them as an investor, they have the money and the connections to make sure your music is successful, but in exchange, they’re going to take an agreed percentage of everything that you own.

It is hard to get a record label offer if you are not an undeniable artist. When you are undeniable, no one can turn you down. Then, getting a recording contract offer is easy. It can be much harder to actually get to that point. There are a lot of variables in the negotiation process that can sink a deal.

What does being an undeniable artist mean?

It is the most bullet-proof way how to get signed to a record label. It means making music that is so good large numbers of people want to stream, purchase, and experience your music as often as possible. This takes more than just writing great songs, although that should be the starting point for every songwriter. It also takes building your audience independently. And this audience should be measurable. Spotify followers and stream counts are perhaps the gold standards for the measurable audience. But Billboard charting, YouTube followers, and social media followers are also ways the industry pre-screens the artists they’ll consider signing.

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Please note we are only eager to offer our knowledge and expertise to help you take the next step in your career. All the services have been tested, practiced, and foolproof methods recommended by The Silent Note artist management. Our purpose is to support and help talented artists, so we gather proven service from various parties. With this approach, we have signed tracks of hardly known artists to internationally reputed labels. Even when the artists were just freshly starting out in the game.

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