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Erfan Hajrasuliha, known professionally as Erfan Paydar is an Iranian rapper, songwriter, producer, and label owner. He is one of the pioneers of Persian Rap. Erfan's "Az Khaneh Ta Goor" was one of the first professionally produced Persian rap albums, released by a major record label. He is nicknamed "Sun of Persian Rap"  by his fans. He is the founder of the label Paydar.

His views are a result of his personal experiences and that is reflected in his poems. His songs provide a mixture of commentary on daily life as well as politics, poetry, and social issues.

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Erfan Paydar

Ramin Sokouty is the founder of The Silent Note. He's an award-winning producer, sound engineer, and composer. He strives to understand the taste and needs of his clients, and carefully design and produce sounds to meet those needs. Experienced in all aspects of post-production sound, and has edited, designed, and mixed on a range of projects, including music production for various artists in different genres, television shows & nationally aired commercials, indie narrative features and documentaries, virtual reality, and immersive content and much more. He's also a guitarist, setar player, Tar player, and singer.

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Ramin Sokouty


Rana Mansour

She attended the Berklee College of Music in BostonMassachusetts, where she received her Bachelor's in Music with Honors. 




Sara Naeini is a professional singer known for her powerful & angelic voice. She classifies her music as Pop mixed with Jazz & Classical influences. 


Hamed Nikpey

Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist,  composer, performer, Songwriter, jury member of the talent show, and founder of Zang records.

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